Soft-Rating Consult offers the following services in the filed of increase of management efficiency of the organizations-clients by modern information technologies and management models:

  • Project preparation of the enterprises;
  • Business-processes reengineering by sample models;
  • SAP standard software implementation:
    • SAP software installation;
    • Harmonization of the enterprises’ business-processes with models of business-processes of SAP software;
    • Consulting on implementation of solutions:
      • SAP ERP;
      • SAP CRM;
      • SAP PLM;
      • SAP SRM;
      • SAP SCM:
      • SAP Business Intelligence;
      • SAP Industry Solutions (SAP for Media, SAP for Retail);
    • Training of the end users;
    • Maintenance and support of productive systems;
  • Roll-out projects
  • Independent technical expert examination of project solutions and live SAP systems;
  • Landscape installations for SAP systems and system integration.

Services on SAP standard software implementation are given according to standard methodology ASAP (AcceleratedSAP). This methodology provides 5 stages of the project:

  1. Project Preparation
  2. Business Blueprint
  3. Realization
  4. Final Preparation
  5. Go Live & Support.

The roadmap of the typical implementation project of SAP software follows below.

ASAP ROADMAP is registered trade mark of SAP AG.