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Company's News

Soft-Rating Consult Georgia was selected as an exclusive SAP expertise and delivery provider for JSC "Georgian Railway". The project started in September 2015 and was finally released to the customer in full production in May 2017.

Project scope, used technologies and other indicators:
Corporate governance system
  • budget management
  • corporate strategic indicators management
Analytical systems:
  • data consolidation
  • monitoring
  • analytics
  • key performance indicators
  • risk assessment
Finance management:
  • budgeting
  • financial reporting consolidation
  • accounting and tax reporting
  • asset and inventory management
  • budgeting control
  • cost structure monitoring
Real time cost monitoring:
  • cost distribution monitoring
  • controlling and liquidity monitoring
Support and maintenance delivery management
  • current and scheduled maitenenace automation
  • procurement
  • COGS (cost of goods) reporting and monitoring
  • accounting automation
Vendor management and procurement process automation:
  • cosolidated parts and materials needs planning automation
  • procurement automation
Client relationship and payment management:
  • goods and services delivery management (does not include freight and passenger transportation)
HR automation and management:
  • corporate structure optimization
  • administration automation
  • HR record keeping automation
  • payroll management
SAP technologies implemented in this project:
  • SAP Business Suite (SAP Simple Finance for HANA, CO, SD, LAM, PM, HR, Payroll)
  • SAP Business Objects BI Suite
  • SAP Business Planning and Consolidation
  • SAP Profit and Cost Management
  • SAP S/4HANA on Premise 1511
  • SAP Solution Manager 7.2
Concurrent user count over 500.
Vendor SAP SE exclusive support provisioning:
  • Enterprise Support
  • S/4HANA Customer Care
  • Regional Implementation Group
  • Premium Support
Customer's announcement and project details. Information from the site of the customer.

Photo of project participants. Representatives of JSC "Georgian Railway", SAP SE and members of a joint project team consisting of representatives of the Customer and specialists of Soft-Rating Consult Georgia.

Soft-Rating Consult is pleased to announce that a complex migration for the Banknote Printing and Minting Works of National Bank of Ukraine (BPMW of NBU) was successfully completed and a new platform was released into full production. This migration started in March and finished in April of 2017. Soft-Rating Consult successfully migrated a set of legacy SAP solutions to the new version of the SAP ERP 6.0 EHP8 system and migration to SAP HANA.
A thorough business process and current setting analysis were carried out by Soft-Rating's staff in order to build a comprehensive migration and adaptation scenario. This migration and adaptation scenario was presented to BPMW of NBU leadership for validation and upon approval all migrations and system upgrades were carried out on time and without glitches.
In order of migration to the SAP HANA DBMS in Banknote Printing and Minting Works of National Bank of Ukraine, a migration plan for the system landscape was developed and work was carried out to improve and adapt the corporate information system
As a result of this implementation, the customer will now be able to significantly improve and simplify the workflow of internal processes, optimize resource allocation and reduce total costs of ownership of the system.
National Bank of Ukraine is transferring its systems to the next-generation platform SAP HANA
JSC Georgian Railway in 2013, started a systematic search for possible solutions to solve problems that are typical for many state-owned enterprises, related to outdated technology of information processing, using data from many sources and so called patchwork automation. Such factors as the large number of process facilities (1422 bridges, 32 tunnels, 22 passenger and 114 goods stations), staff (about 12 thousand), lack of modern tools of financial analysts, budgeting tools, partial automation of manufacturing business processes make this task very difficult.

In order to become part of modern transport corridors connecting Europe and Asia, which are called Modern Silk Road, they needed a radical and decisive steps on re-engineering of the organizational structure and business processes, radical renewal, change and implementtion of modern information technologies, providing comprehensive, accurate information support of business processes of JSC Georgian Railway in real time, as well as analytics in all spheres of its activity.

In 2014, according to the results of scientific and technical audit, the strategy of development of information technologies was developed and approved, focused on business development strategy. During the implementation of the IT strategy JSC Georgian Railway has acquired licenses to use software of SAP AG (SAP Business Suite, SAP Business Objects BI Suite, SAP Planning and Consolidation Management (BPC), SAP Profit and Cost Management (PCM), SAP S/4HANA и SAP HANA).

In 2015, Soft-Rating Consult Georgia LLC - a subsidiary of Soft-Rating Consult LLC (Ukraine), which is SAP partner in Ukraine and Georgia with 20 years of experience, on a competitive basis has received the right to implement a complex information system. Besides that, other SAP partners are involved, in particular the leader of industry specifics in the area of rail transport – Orianda Solutions AG (Switzerland). Altogether more than 30 consultants are involved.

Project team of JSC Georgian Railway includes more than 100 business process owners, analysts and IT professionals.
Management of JSC Georgian Railway together with the general contractor – Soft-Rating Consult Georgia LLC – on October 23, 2015 held a kick-off meeting with the participants of the project and announced business results expected from its implementation.

The project objectives include automation of the following business processes and functional areas:
  • Planning and control of budget execution
  • Accounting and tax accounting
  • Controlling and profitability management
  • Formation of the consolidated financial statements
  • Treasury
  • Materials Management, Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Maintenance and repair of equipment
  • Human Resource Management and Payroll
  • Business Intelligence
Special feature of the project is the implementation of SAP technologies, which are fundamentally different from those previously offered by SAP as standard for implementing. It is about data processing technology «in-memory» that provides the ability for hundreds and thousands of different business users to work simultaneously in real time on a single information platform SAP HANA, both for ordinary employees, which perform tasks for business processes management, and for managers, analysts, which receive information about business from multiple sources.

The project envisages the use of database – SAP HANA that enables business applications, which are included in SAP Business Suite and SAP Business Objects BI Suite on a fundamentally new platform, as well as business application for financial management Simple Finance for HANA (part of the package of business applications SAP S/4HANA), which has already been implemented by SAP in 2015.

Operation and Maintenance in difficult conditions of many facilities, human resource management and financial management will become proactive and acquire modern character, which allows to meet consumers’ requirements of the level of logistics service of providers of corridor Asia-Europe.

Soft-Rating Consult LLC is sure that the project team of specialists in Ukraine, Switzerland and Georgia will perform all project tasks efficiently, in time and within budget.
Wednesday, 01 January 2014 12:24

SAP HCM at UniCredit Bank implemented

SAP HCM including Organizational Management (OM), Personnel Management (PA), Time Management (TM), Payroll Redesign (PY) was successfully implemented in Unicredit Bank in January 2014.
Such tasks as project preparation, resource planning, system setup, training of end users were performed by the project team composed of specialists of Soft-Rating Consult company and bank representatives. The company's specialists have also fulfilled the necessary ABAP developments for generating reports. The project was completed in 12 months.
PrJSC Furshet has successfully completed the project of data archiving in SAP ERP. Project work was carried out together with the project team of PrJSC Furshet and consultants of Soft-Rating Consult. The project enabled Furshet to minimize the growth of SAP database, to optimize the use of available hardware capacity, to improve productivity for both SAP system and the company's employees.
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