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Soft-Rating Consult Company

Єдина Країна! Единая Страна! United Country

«Soft-Rating Consult» LLC is a Ukrainian consulting company with many years experience of implementing the management information systems based on SAP solutions for companies, businesses and corporations

Mission: To facilitate increase of management efficiency of the clients by advanced information technologies and management models

Profile: creating management systems of organizations, enterprises and corporations on the basis of SAP

Methodology: Customers’ strategic targets - Business process reengineering - Management Information System

Status: SAP Service Partner, SAP Partner Edge, SAP Productive Client

  • project preparation of the enterprises;
  • business-processes reengineering by sample models; 
  • sale of licenses to use SAP software;
  • landscape installations for SAP systems;
  • SAP standard software implementation:
             - SAP software installation;
             - Consulting on implementation of solutions:
- SAP Business Intelligence;
- SAP BusinessObjects;
- SAP Industry Solutions
- Training of Customer’s end users; 
  • maintenance and support of SAP productive systems
  • roll-out projects
  • independent technical expert examination of project solutions and live SAP systems.
  • standard business-processes models of the enterprises of different economics’ branches;
  • conceptual implementation projects of the SAP Business Suite for the enterprises of different industries;
  • tested typical solutions for the integrated systems’ construction with the SAP solutions;
  • interfaces between the SAP solutions and external systems;
  • optimal plans-schedules of operations on implementation of the SAP;
  • original educational programs for project teams;
  • experience of platforms’ installations for SAP-systems in Digital, Compaq, Intel, IBM, Siemens, Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu-Siemens, Dell technologies etc.
  • certified consultants, among them - with 15 years of experience implementing SAP software;
  • certified project managers;
  • business consultants on finance, logistics, production, personnel management; 
  • quality auditor.  

The main activity is to provide consultancy and scientific and technical services for implementation of standard SAP software for enterprises and corporations in Ukraine and abroad.

The team of consultants has more than 60 people, among them 25 are certified and 18 has experience of implementations of SAP-systems of 8 years and above.

Soft-Rating Consult provides comprehensive services to optimize enterprises' business processes, on implementation, maintenance and development of a wide range of SAP solutions, as well as the creation of computer landscapes for SAP-systems. Today the company has more than 45 Customers and has fulfilled more than 65 projects for implementation of SAP-systems and its components.

High quality of services and brand Soft-Rating ® are known not only in Ukraine but also abroad, as evidenced by projects in Hungary, Russia, Georgia, Great Britain, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria etc.

For 10 years "Soft-Rating Consult" is a major service provider to configure SAP-Systems at the National Bank of Ukraine. Among domestic and overseas clients Soft-Rating Consult - National Bank of Ukraine, HC "Blitz-Inform" (Ukraine) Mint of National Bank of Ukraine, "Furschet" (Ukraine), UniCredit Bank (Ukraine), ISD (Dunaferr, Hungary) Tegeta Motors (Georgia), Caucasus Online (Georgia), Independent Media (RF), Bauer Media (RF) and other companies.

Consequently, implementation of SAP software can be a decisive factor in achieving competitive advantage by Ukrainian companies in the domestic and international markets. The accumulated unique experience Soft-Rating Consult implementation roll-out projects for Danfoss, Reemtsma, Metro Cash & Carry Ukraine, "Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine", OTP Bank (Ukraine), ERSTE Bank (Ukraine), Sony Corp., "Phillips Ukraine "can be used by other foreign companies operating in Ukraine.

As a result, "Soft-Rating Consult" has performed the following projects:
- 18 projects of integrated SAP ERP implementation;
- 15 projects of implementation SAP Human Capital Management (including 4 productive SAP HCM payroll);
- 11 International Roll-out projects;
- 8 projects of industry solutions SAP (Mill, Retail, Defense, Media, Banking);
- 9 projects SAP BI, BI-BPS (Planning and Budgeting);
- 4 projects SAP Business Object Portfolio;
- 3 projects SAP CRM;
- 5 projects SAP Upgrade.

Company "Soft-Rating Consult" supported in their work rules set forth in the Code of Ethics for Social Responsibility Coalition electronics industry.
The EICC Code of Conduct was established to ensure worker safety and fairness, environmental responsibility, and business efficiency for loading.
Experienced staff, infrastructure and tradition of Soft-Rating Consult are the success of the project.

"Soft-Rating Consult" is the leader of goods and services in Ukraine in 2007 in respective field