·         standard business-processes models of the enterprises of different economics’ branches;
·         conceptual implementation projects of the SAP Business Suite for the enterprises of different industries;
·         tested typical solutions for the integrated systems’ construction with the SAP Business Suite;
·         implementation experience of the unique functional solutions: 
o        SAP PLM QM
o        IS-Media
o        SAP SEM-BPS
o        SAP-SEM CPM
o        SAP HCM (payroll)
o        SAP BPC (SAP Business Planning & Consolidation)
·          interfaces between the SAP solutions and external systems; 
o        interfaces with 1C and another information systems;
o        interfaces with terminal systems
o        interfaces with “client-bank” systems
·         original educational programs;
·         optimal plans-schedules of operations on implementation of the SAP Business Suite functionality;
·         experience of platforms’ installations for SAP-systems in Digital, Compaq, IBM, Siemens, HP and  Fujitsu-Siemens technologies.