The «Enterprise Resource Planning» solution unites the best in the world complex software for business management and flexible platform based on the opened technologies. This platform allows to integrate SAP solution with the systems of other manufacturers and to get maximal return from the possibilities of similar integration.

The top management is provided with reliable information about financial situation of the company for strategic planning and financial and economic forecasting. The huge informative potential of the SAP ERP solution allows for the top management to realize the complex analysis of company’s activity in different planes and not only to trace results, but also to control factors, which influence on the characteristics of business efficiency.

Currently, the «Enterprise Resource Planning» solution is the most complete and integrated ERP-solution that allows for the companies to reach new control quality of all administrative, financial and operative activities, to raise efficiency, forecasting and profitability of business.

The «Enterprise Resource Planning» solution is now extended due to special functions and models of the best business practices for concrete industries. This solution allows for enterprises to achieve greater profitability of investments into information technologies and to cheapen a total cost of their possession, to take maximally advantage of flexible IT-infrastructure and accelerate application of innovations.

The «Enterprise Resource Planning» solution includes four applied areas, which functionality possibilities form the responsible basis for realization of efficient business-processes:

SAP ERP Financials
Functions of automation of the accounting and administrative account processes and optimization of management by financial streams provide the image of financial situation at the enterprise. Widespread support of observance of all normative requirements and internal instructions in sphere of corporate management provides the convenient control of conformity to normative requirements of all corporative processes.

SAP ERP Human Capital Management, SAP ERP HCM
Functions that support the complex processes for all stages of employee’s "life cycle": from attraction to personal growth and his retention in the company. The functions of planning and analytics, operative human management, forming and developing of personnel potential, cooperation and communications management are realized with this solution, providing the most effective manpower deployment.

The abstract of the SAP HCM (Payroll) implementation in «ОТP Bank Ukraine»

SAP ERP Operations
The full-featured complex covering all dominant logistical processes of the enterprise, and it also helps to organize efficient management of the company’s executive activity.

SAP ERP Corporate Services
The solution helps the organizations to cut down expenses and to improve administrative processes in such important spheres as management of real estate, processes of business trips, public health services and environment protection, marketing stimulation and flexible payoffs regulation. These functionalities allow to optimize the centralized and decentralized services rendering, realized in SAP ERP Corporate Services solution