The SAP CRM is the exclusive solution of CRM class that allows to unite employees, partners, processes and technologies in full closed cycle of interaction with clients. It provides facilities for realization of testing of resources availability in condition of real time, contracts management and billing management. With this solution the utmost clarity of orders executing and tracking of their status are reached. The solution also offers functions and opportunities for planning of marketing activity, management of marketing campaigns, and realization of telemarketing, generation of new opportunities for sales and segmentation of client base.
Moreover, the “Customer Relationship Management” solution allows the enterprises to offer support on the most various channels: through the center of interaction with clients, by Internet-applications for clients’ self-service, applications for management of service and reclamations, by maintaining and works fulfillment at clients, and also management of the base of clients’ determined equipment.
This solution gives functionalities for complete cycle support of customer relationship and provides all necessary facilities for management in spheres of marketing, selling, servicing and analytics. Besides, in this solution there are applications for employees working with clients, for cooperation centers and for electronic commerce supporting.
With the “Customer Relationship Management” solution the enterprises can create the base for long-term commercial customer relationship and rapid receipt of real investment profitability.
The SAP “Customer Relationship Management” solution gives the full, complete information about clients and is directed on problems decision, actual for concrete industries. The solution contains thoroughly worked business-processes models aimed at the best servicing and designed with requirements of concrete industries. In the solution it is realized 90 preliminary adjusted, integrated business-scripts in the area of CRM on the basis of 280 business-processes for the following spheres:
  • Marketing. Increase of efficiency of marketing efforts owing to functionalities of marketing planning, campaigns management, and potential transactions management, marketing analytics, segmentation of client base, personification and management of trade stimulation.
  • Sales. Optimization of existing sales channels due to the functionality for sales planning and prognostics, management of organizational structure and territories, top clients and contacts-tasks, potential agreements, suggestions and orders, contracts, encouragements and commissions charges for employees.
  • Service. Realization of profit opportunities, which the service organization is having, due to functionalities of multichannel service; resources planning and optimization, management of service operations, services planning and prognostics, clients servicing and supporting, and also rendering of professional services.
  • Analytics. The evaluation of business-processes’ efficiency by a variety of facilities for the analysis of client base, marketing, selling, service and channels of interaction.
  • Cooperation Center. Increase of the cooperation center’s productivity with functionalities for management of telemarketing, telesales and service directly in the cooperation center and, besides, its adaptation for service of employees of the enterprise.
  • Mobile applications. Extension of the “Customer Relationship Management” solution due to the functions for sales support and service in contacts with the clients.
  • Electronic commerce. Using of the Internet as the effective sales channel with functionality for marketing, sales, service and analytics.
  • Sales Channels Management. Optimization of indirect sales channels with functionalities of management of partners, analytics, marketing, sales, service and electronic commerce.
These integrated processes cover all communication channels with clients in sphere of sales, marketing and servicing. They allow to make the decisions rendering serious influence on enterprise activity.
With the “Customer Relationship Management” solution the companies receive:
  • profits increase due to the effective system of clients’ attraction, increases of response share as the result of direct marketing distributions, advanced opportunities of cross sales and sales of more expensive goods, decrease of clients outflow;
  • expenses reduction due to interactions’ automation, productivity increases of the employees working with clients, charges reductions for direct marketing and advertising in mass media, optimization of resources and business-processes;
  • competitive advantage due to clients’ loyalty increase and their retention, deeper and complete understanding of market and clients needs.
The SAP “Customer Relationship Management” solution allows to improve a client relationship, to strengthen company’s leadership in the market and to raise efficiency of operative activity. These opportunities are reached owing to the fact that the companies can:
  • receive the review of client behavior and adapt their offers according to its concrete needs;
  • identify tendencies and reveal new needs of clients, dynamically redistribute development resources to create and provide products focused on the future needs;
  • execute distribution and consolidation of resources, integrate processes and functions, render products and services, which are completely appropriative to client expectations.
The “Customer Relationship Management” solution is the unique complex offer from SAP that:
  • supports the full cycle of interaction with clients: from their attraction to realization of agreements, from orders fulfillment to the following servicing;
  • provides representation of the client’s unified foreshortening with analytics resources that is ready to application and integration with facilities for strategic business management;
  • uses advantages of modern portal of the enterprise and data exchange in all circuit of additional cost’s creation.
The “Customer Relationship Management” solution also includes the unique integration opportunities, which:
  • provide use of full set of the CRM-applications;
  • allow seamless to connect various branch of the SAP solutions;
  • provide integration with other SAP solutions and products of other manufacturers, including systems for logistical network management, management of the personnel and products’ life cycle.