The SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM) solution is a serious basis for successful development and roll-out to the market of new products and goods, and it also unites the information and people, organizing their effective and coordinative work. With SAP Product Lifecycle Management solution the enterprises can integrate various departments into general process, including departments of marketing, sales, planning, and also manufacturing, material procurements, maintenance service and repair. Besides, this solution provides the opportunity of teamwork for partners, suppliers, subcontractors, service providers and even for clients.
The SAP Product Lifecycle Management solution gives the opportunity for all involved parties of business-processes global management on development of products and goods and equipment servicing. It gives the necessary information during all life cycle: from development of product conception, its projecting and productive operation to the management of its changes, maintenance service and support.
As the fullest solution for management of product’s life cycle in the modern market, the SAP PLM helps the enterprises:
  • to project and develop products and goods, to manage projects and fixed capital and to realize quality control at all stages of life cycle;
  • to operate processes for labour, health and environment protection according to legislative requirements and restrictions;
  • to work in the unified integrated environment with solutions “Clients Relationship Management " (SAP CRM), "Supply Chain Management" (SAP SCM), "Suppliers Relationship Management" (SAP SRM) and “Enterprise Resource Planning" (SAP ERP) and also to hasten the information interchange between departments of marketing, sales, designing, manufacturing and servicing;
  • to generate complex system for management of life cycle of products and goods, to reduce expenses for its integration and to simplify its technical expansion.
The SAP Product Lifecycle Management solution offers all necessary functionality for full-scale management of goods, products and fixed capital. The basic components and functionalities of this solution:
  • Products’ data management - gives environment for management of products’ technical parameters and production characteristics, specifications, technological maps and formulas, information about resources, project structures and the necessary engineering specifications during all life cycle of products and goods.
  • Program and project management - provides the modern means of planning, management and control of processes for product development, capital building and other long-term programs and projects.
  • Cooperation during life cycle – supports a joint production’s designing and development, a joint project management, and also gives opportunities on use of XML standards for work through the Web-interface and transfer of the necessary information (financial and planned schedules of the project, documents, project’s structure, etc.) between virtual project groups.
  • Quality management - provides the integrated quality management for the enterprises of all industries during all life cycle of products and goods.
  • Life cycle management of fixed capital – manages (controls) the technical facilities and equipment and also includes all necessary functions that are included into management system of fixed capital of the enterprise.
  • Labour, health and environment protection - is the solution for management of processes of health protection, occupational health, industrial safety and environment protection according to requirements of the state legislative acts.
The SAP Product Lifecycle Management solution is based on the open architecture using branch standards HTML, XML and WAP, which provide flexibility and successful interaction of components. The universal architecture of the solution can be adjusted according to concrete requirements of appropriative industries and enterprises. The opportunity for system access by mobile and portable devices allows to receive necessary information about products and equipment in any place and at any time.

The solution helps the enterprises quickly to develop and render new products and goods on the market and gives the companies following advantages:
  • Expenses reducing - the Product Lifecycle Management solution allows the enterprises to concentrate on the basic business directions, having transferred the operating of subordinate processes to external suppliers, and at the same time, to control the costs for management. This solution also allows to conduct the costs for products’ changes and to estimate the project dynamics at different lines of products.
  • Commercial results improvement - by the Product Lifecycle Management solution, the enterprises can develop innovative directions, analyse new opportunities of the market, increase its share in the market and raise the level of clients’ service.
  • Products’ Quality Improvement - the Product Lifecycle Management solution gives the opportunity of products’ quality management and allows to minimize negative profits at each stage of life cycle.
  • Rapid development – this solution allows to reduce time of products release to the market and to hasten process of start of required production amounts by full integration with management of logistical chains and material supplies.
  • Improvement of quality manufacturing operations - the solution gives facilities for planning, estimations and tracking of availability of the equipment, operations, security systems, and also maintenance service and repair.
  • Efficiency increase - the Product Lifecycle Management solution allows to increase the activity efficiency by using of corporative portal, supplied with previously adjusted information maintenance, which access is carried out according to business-role of the employee of the enterprise.
  • Decision-making process optimization - the Product Lifecycle Management provides heads of all levels with the necessary information for making of optimal decisions and offers effective analytics means for management of portfolios of products and projects, industrial medicine, products’ ecological safety, production qualities and management of maintenance service and repair.
  • Cost Ownership Reducing - the Product Lifecycle Management solution proposes the opportunity for integration with operational systems, such as automated designing systems (CAD), and also systems of the ERP, CRM, SRM and SCM. The developed integration facilities of the solution allow to expand system according to growth of company’s needs