SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM) Optimization of the HR processes, increasing of the staff effectiveness and successful implementation of corporate strategy.

The practice of successful companies in the modern, knowledge-oriented economy, says: human resource is the main factor. Any organization owes to its existence and development namely thanks to people.

In order the company was competitive, human capital management technology are necessary. They help:
  • attract, retain and promote the best human resources;
  • achieve implementation of the strategic objectives of the company through division of the relevant objectives at each employee;
  • implement the development and training of the employees according to the objectives of the company and its departments;
  • implement the strategic planning of the organizational changes and generate budgets;
  • timely approve effective solutions on the basis of accurate and comprehensive informational analysis;
  • with low cost and optimally implement accounting functions in the HR management.

One of the main features of the modern economy – are rapid changes, particularly in the area of HR management. People are getting more mobile, increases the level of their education and requirements, that`s why HR managers have to deal with more complicated tasks. At the end of the reporting period, their work will be evaluated in terms of increasing revenue and results in achieving corporate goals. That is why employees who work in the sphere of HR need a powerful solution that combines the technology of the human resource management and possibility to achieve the strategic goals in a single informational space. SAP «Human Capital Management» (SAP ERP HCM) –exactly this is the solution!

The solution allows to coordinate and improve all business processes of HR management according to the business requirements and local laws. It is easily combined with corporate business systems that already exist and can be customized according to the client's direct requirements. SAP «Human capital management» supports the function of hiring employees, their classification and development, attracting and keeping the most valuable staff in the company. At the same time provides the possibility of continuous improvement of all processes at all stages.

The solution enables management department staff to work more closely and effectively cooperate with the heads of other departments.

The solution provides the opportunity for the HR department to cooperate more closely with the heads of the other departments. It allows correctly coordinate the strategic objectives of management and HR potential of the company, provides the opportunity to participate in achieving the best economic efficiency of the company. The solution helps the heads of HR services develop and implement an effective strategy of personnel management based on comprehensive analysis of all available information, monitor the process of strategy implementation and make corrections in strategy on time, that are identified using the modeling tools of various scenarios of human capital management.

Modern technology that is involved in the solution helps to encourage employees to achieve the desired results and the highest productivity of “human capital”. No wonder that more than 9,000 companies worldwide use solution SAP «Human Capital Management» to make informed decisions about personnel. Every day with the help of this solution over a million of infallible transactions are performed for more that 54 million employees worldwide.