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Friday, 05 July 2013 14:20

Furshet implemented the warehouse management system based on SAP WMS

The family purchase supermarket chain Furshet has successfully completed the implementation of a warehouse management system based on SAP WMS. Within the project the work of a modern distribution center was automated. The center is focused on providing high-tech services for the storage and processing of a large number of goods. Project work was carried out together with the project team of PrJSC Furshet and consultants of Soft-Rating Consult. Implemented WMS allowed to optimize the management of storage facilities, in particular, the acceptance of goods, movement of goods, processing of customer orders, package and release of goods, return of goods to the supplier, inventory processes. Also in the WMS were implemented special features for transport orders, in particular, data on the performance of work (start and end date/time, performer), the allocation of transportation orders.