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The family purchase supermarket chain Furshet has successfully completed the implementation of a warehouse management system based on SAP WMS. Within the project the work of a modern distribution center was automated. The center is focused on providing high-tech services for the storage and processing of a large number of goods. Project work was carried out together with the project team of PrJSC Furshet and consultants of Soft-Rating Consult. Implemented WMS allowed to optimize the management of storage facilities, in particular, the acceptance of goods, movement of goods, processing of customer orders, package and release of goods, return of goods to the supplier, inventory processes. Also in the WMS were implemented special features for transport orders, in particular, data on the performance of work (start and end date/time, performer), the allocation of transportation orders.
On May 29, the central SAP event of 2013 in Ukraine - SAP Forum Kyiv – will take place under the slogan "Take a look to the future of business. Innovative technologies - simpler, faster, better". "Soft-Rating Consult" invites participants into the microforum where everyone will get acquainted with the technology that can help make your business flexible, able to respond to challenges and able to use all available resources - human, financial and material – for increasing of competitiveness.
Georgian Government has directed its attention to the innovative information technology as an important factor for fast modernization of economy and to achieve leading position in the Caucasus region.
First, a bit of official figures from the site of our client - the National Bank of Ukraine - from the document «About the external debt of Ukraine» as of July 1, 2012.

The logical answer is to focus on the main. And what is the main for business? It is guidance and information system Certainly, each of the active market participants already has its own information system, but experience shows that even a monopoly does not guarantee the success of the mission of the enterprise, therefore attention of managers naturally focused on such fundamental changes of their own information systems, which allow to achieve such level of business control and be able to take the lead, which is hard to imagine until you learn about the experience of successful companies in other countries. It is necessary to know, what can be done when small improvements of business processes are not enough to look confidently to the future, brought endlessly busy people from large industrial and commercial organizations of Slobozhanshchina to a roundtable. The Roundtable "Effective tools to enhance company competitiveness" was organized by the Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine. The date of the event was September 25, 2012.
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